It wasn’t until the early 1900s that asbestos product manufacturers began to learn the dangers of asbestos exposure. Despite these newfound dangers and concerns, manufacturers never took strong action to properly warn the public about the risk of asbestos exposure.

Company memos and letters that have since been made public clearly show that medical professionals and insurance firms warned the asbestos companies of the risks involved in processing and selling asbestos products.

The asbestos companies simply chose profit over public safety.

In the 1970s, the United States government took action through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and began to investigate asbestos companies and their products. Although companies knew of the extreme danger posed by asbestos-containing products for decades, it was only after the government took action that they finally began to properly educate workers and individuals exposed to their products.

Today, there are still many companies who made and sold asbestos who are reluctant to accept blame and have even tried to influence government agencies and legislation with misinformation about the dangers of asbestos.

Medical studies and reports tell the real story. A groundbreaking medical report written by Dr. William Nicholson, Dr. George Perkel, and Dr. Irving Selikoff predicted the risk level to the general population and the projected death rates for a 50-year period (1980-2030). Their report forecasted that thousands of Americans would die every year from mesothelioma and asbestos-caused lung cancer. The death rate, they noted, would peak in the year 2002. Sadly, their predictions have proven to be extremely accurate.

Because of what asbestos companies did decades ago, innocent people are paying the price today. The O’Brien Law Firm will work to hold these companies accountable.