At the O’Brien Law Firm, our seasoned attorneys and attentive staff work tirelessly in the pursuit of those accountable for your injury. We understand the complex issues associated with asbestos litigation, allowing us to grasp and assimilate the intricacies of your case quickly.

This process begins within 24 hours of your initial contact with the firm, as we engage in a face-to-face fact-gathering conversation in your home.

We come to you to assure your comfort, facilitate the presence of family members, and to learn more about you and understand your circumstances. You need the support of family and friends — along with a team of professionals who deliver honest, compassionate guidance that will help you make the best legal decisions and help provide financial security for you and your family.



Skilled Advocates

Asbestos litigation is our focus.

We are 100% dedicated to asbestos litigation. Our attorneys are honest, compassionate, and prepared to provide you the very best legal representation for your mesothelioma case possible.


Rapid Response

You are our first priority.

Upon initial contact, we will schedule a meeting in your home. As our client, you will have the undivided attention of our attorneys and our team as we work with you to quickly and efficiently bring your case to justice.


Positive Results

Our mission is to get favorable outcomes.

Both at trial and through settlement, our clients walk away with the financial security they need and the dignity and respect they deserve. Our success record is a testament to our long-term and unwavering commitment to mesothelioma victims.


Compassionate Approach

We are defined by our unparalleled client-centered service.

This firm approaches every case with a deep respect and a keen sensitivity to the effect a mesothelioma diagnosis can have on its victims and their families. We never lose sight of the people we are fighting for.


Prompt Justice

The time to get results is now.

Our team of dedicated attorneys, paralegals, and investigators know how to prepare your case and propel it to trial. With our extensive history in asbestos litigation, we know exactly how to handle claims while expertly navigating complicated legal waters to get you results.


Invaluable Resources

The right people for your case at your disposal.

Our team has extensive knowledge of asbestos litigation and successful trial experience. We promise to work to support your claims and strengthen your case by digging for evidence using all available resources.