When should I contact an attorney?

As soon as you are diagnosed with mesothelioma, you should contact us. If it has been some time since you were diagnosed or if the family member diagnosed has passed, we may still be able to help you and your loved ones.

How much does it cost to file a claim?

You will pay nothing out of pocket for our services. We do not accept or require a down payment or retainer. We handle all of our mesothelioma cases on a contingent fee basis – we only get paid if you do.

Where can I file a claim?

We represent clients throughout the United States. However, we file the vast majority of our cases in Missouri and Illinois courts, where judges have vast dealings with mesothelioma legal matters and know how to move cases forward. In addition to lawsuits we file in state court, we file claims with asbestos bankruptcy trusts located throughout the country.

How quickly will my case be brought to trial?

The O’Brien Law Firm has been extremely successful in getting claims filed and set for trial within 12 to 18 months. Most of our living clients who have been recently diagnosed have been able to bring their case to trial within less than a year.

Do I need to be present at trial?

Should your case go to trial, the O’Brien Law Firm strongly encourages you to attend court, but your presence is not mandatory. We are your legal representative and will advocate on your behalf in court to ensure the best outcome for you and your family.