People suffering from mesothelioma, asbestos-based lung cancer, sexual abuse, or a violent crime who wish to pursue compensation for their injuries can choose between hiring a large, national firm with “offices” all over the country or a smaller boutique firm.

Don’t be fooled by the “bigger is better” mantra or sales pitches made by these large firms. The TV commercials of teams of lawyers wearing crisp, black suits emerging heroically from private planes or helicopters to take a case to trial are not representative of what truly happens.

There is no substitute for hiring a local law firm like The O’Brien Law Firm to handle your case. Here are 4 reasons why local lawyers make a difference!

#1. We Know About Local Cases

Local lawyers know more about local cases and their exposures. There is simply no substitute for the knowledge gained through years and years of experience with local clients working at local job sites.

We know the local job sites, contractors, asbestos product manufacturers, and suppliers better than the national law firms. Our lawyers have represented hundreds of workers in the St. Louis area, Missouri, and the Midwest; the sworn testimony on record in these past cases often helps new clients considerably.

#2. We Know the Local Courts

Local attorneys know the important players here – we see them every week. We are very familiar with the judges, courtroom personnel, medical experts, and opposing attorneys.

The lawyers at our law firm gained experience as practitioners here, advancing in their careers in these very courts. The reputation we have in these courts and our community is stellar.

#3. We Know Local Laws

Large national firms simply do not know the important intricacies presented by local cases and important state laws like local firms do. The O’Brien Law Firm knows this firsthand through experience.

Our firm has a history of stepping in and saving the case for local clients who made the unfortunate mistake of hiring a “bigger is better” law firm. Here are examples of tough cases we took over and won with our special knowledge of Missouri cases and Missouri laws.

#4. We Have Close-Knit Co-workers

At the O’Brien Law Firm, we have one office where our lawyers and staff come to work each day. No need to schedule a conference call or video chat to meet with our lawyers on an important case – we just walk down the hall and strategize with our team. Our partners have all been here for over 20 years representing asbestos victims, and many of our lawyers and staff have never worked anywhere else.

This creates a close-knit working environment where collaboration is fostered and the institutional knowledge gained over decades is not lost.

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When it comes to pursuing compensation for mesothelioma, asbestos-caused lung cancer, sexual abuse, or a violent crime, hiring a local law firm like the O’Brien Law Firm makes all the difference. Your case deserves the special individualized attention it needs.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the legal process unique to St. Louis city, the state of Missouri, and the Midwest. For a FREE case evaluation, contact us online or give us a call at (314) 588-0558!