Some law firms are only interested in representing people with the “best cases.”

Other firms tell prospective clients whatever they think the asbestos victims want to hear. Whatever it takes to get the client to sign on the dotted line. But when the Big or National Firm figures out the case is a tough one, they lose interest. They move on to another, more lucrative case.

The O’Brien Law Firm knows this happens. We know because we have been able to help people with problematic cases when other law firms turn them down, or worse, promise the moon and the stars and do not deliver.

Below are recent examples of tough cases we took over from Big or National Firms, or cases we took when these Big Firms said they were not interested.

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Mesothelioma case for a Sheet Metal Worker. Client had filed a prior asbestosis case and signed several full releases, preventing recovery for the subsequent mesothelioma diagnosis. Client contacts National Firm in Texas that represented him in the asbestosis case. National Firm informs client they are not interested in his mesothelioma case due to all the full releases he signed at the National Firm’s prompting.

We take the case. To date, $2,800,000 in recovery.

Sheet Metal Worker with mesothelioma


Sheet metal worker with mesothelioma icon
Quarry Worker with Mesothelioma Icon

Quarry Worker with mesothelioma


Mesothelioma case for a Quarry Worker in Ste. Genevieve. National Firm based in New York files the case (which belongs in Missouri) in Delaware and sits on it, failing to conduct the Plaintiff’s deposition before he dies. Worse, National Firm fails to file a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Enhanced Benefit Claim and the statute of limitations expires. Plaintiff’s widow fires the Big Firm and retains the O’Brien Law Firm. We work the case up thoroughly through co-worker depositions and paper discovery and push it to the Monday of trial.

To date, $2,100,000 in recovery.

Mesothelioma diagnosis in a retired union Carpenter in Kentucky. National Firm makes a lot of promises and gets the case. Client’s health declines and National Firm fails to secure client’s testimony prior to death. Despite obvious evidentiary issues, O’Brien Law Firm takes over the matter after National Firm is fired. We secure exposure testimony and evidence from several co-workers and family members.

To date, recovery exceeds $1,750,000.

Carpenter with mesothelioma


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Aerospace worker with mesothelioma icon

Aerospace Worker with mesothelioma


Mesothelioma case involving a deceased Aerospace Worker in St. Louis. Autopsy report from a private coroner states mesothelioma is the cause of death. However, a subsequent review calls diagnosis into question. Big Firm severs representation of the decedent’s family. Family contacts O’Brien Law Firm and we take on the case.

To date, $770,000 in recovery.

Silicosis death case for a former Refractory Manufacturing Plant Worker in St. Louis. Three law firms, including one Big Firm based in Illinois, consider the case but decline representation due to issues with the cause of death and lack of viable defendants. O’Brien Law Firm takes the case and prosecutes it fully.

To date, $600,000 in recovery.

Refractory Plant Worker with silicosis


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