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Hard working men, women, and families associated with labor trades are affected by asbestos disease each and every year. We provide legal assistance to many clients affiliated with labor unions. Our firm is proud of the strong relationships we have built with local unions, labor organizations, and their leadership. Attorney Jerry FitzGerald has family relations who are retired members of Local #1 Insulators, Local #562 Plumbers & Pipefitters, and Local #268 Sprinklerfitters. Attorney Chris Thoron has family ties to the Coal Miners and Carpenters unions in Illinois.

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OLF Unions in the United States

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O’Brien Law Firm financially supports union causes

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$10,000 to AFL-CIO against

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Multiple $5,000 donations to
$5 For the Fight

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$10,000 to Insulators International Asbestos Tissue Bank

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Golf tournament and union fundraising sponsorships

Involved With Union Causes

      Every year we are at the state capital fighting against proposed legislation that negatively affects the rights of our clients and labor.

      We meet with and educate labor organizations, union retiree clubs, and politicians on issues that are important to and protect the rights of our clients and labor.

    We not only financially support but also physically support labor when called into action to protect union causes including volunteering at union phone banks, knocking on doors, and joining union rallies.