Simply turn on the television or briefly search the internet. You are immediately overwhelmed with lawyer ads. These days, it seems most of them say “Bigger is Better.”

We are here to tell you it simply isn’t true.

The so-called “Big Firms” or “National Firms” will tell you that their size means better results for your mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer case. It doesn’t.

We proudly put our individual case results up against any Law Firm in the Country, even those that regularly practice in the most favorable jurisdictions in the United States (New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans).

Individual results. That should be what matters to you. Financially speaking, the only thing that matters.

What these Big or National Firms don’t tell you is that when you go with them, your case too often simply gets lost, but one tree in a forest. The case gets plugged into a matrix. It becomes one of many cases working its way through the long, winding conveyor belts that power these big factory firms.

What happens when your case doesn’t fit on their conveyor belt? It falls off. And too many times, when it falls off, nobody puts it back on the belt. It never makes it to the assembly line. The factory workers are too busy, their attention on the slew of other cases coming down the line. If one case goes bad, there is another to quickly take its place…

We know this happens. How? Many of these cases later find their way to the O’Brien Law Firm. Where the case belonged in the first place. And we step in and fix the problem.

The O’Brien Law Firm prides itself on being a smaller, boutique law firm. Serving the needs of working people.


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  • We come to you. From day one, you will personally meet with our attorneys who will be with you through the life and resolution of your case.
  • We know the local job sites and products. National Firms don’t.
  • We know the local trades and tradesmen. National Firms don’t.
  • We know the local Courts – we have practiced here all our lives. National Firms don’t and haven’t.
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  • We have 7 attorneys with 145 years combined legal experience, supported by a sizable and very competent staff of managers, paralegals, and investigators.
  • We have a regular practice and constant presence in Missouri and Illinois courtrooms.
  • We were established over two decades ago to serve those affected by asbestos disease and help the victims of sexual abuse, criminal injury, serious injury, and wrongful death.
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  • We have provided successful legal service to over 2,500 clients.
  • We pursue all possible sources of compensation: civil law suits, bankruptcy trust claims, and Missouri Enhanced Benefit Workers’ Compensation Claims for mesothelioma and asbestosis.
  • Our strong, lasting relationships and alliances with former clients and local labor and community organizations make these groups our #1 referral source.

A message from our Founder…

The O’Brien Law Firm was established in 2000 to help people diagnosed with mesothelioma and asbestos disease. Since then, our firm has achieved great success, aggressively investigating, prosecuting, and resolving asbestos civil cases and bankruptcy trust claims, while establishing honest, compassionate relationships with our clients. Through hard work and dedication, the O’Brien Law Firm has become a leading asbestos law firm in the Midwest. Asbestos cases have been our focus from the beginning and this continues today.

Due in large part to our firm’s efforts in Jefferson City, new laws passed in 2013 afforded O’Brien Law Firm the opportunity to pursue enhanced benefit workers compensation claims for Missouri employees diagnosed specifically with mesothelioma or asbestosis. Since then, we have secured considerable compensation for our clients through workers’ compensation claims.

In 2020, the O’Brien Law Firm confidently expanded its practice into the areas of sexual abuse, criminal injury, serious injury, and conventional wrongful death cases. In its continuing passion to serve those who have been compromised and injured from the misconduct of wrongdoers, our clients have seen great results in these areas.