On behalf of myself, my brother and my mother we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the O’Brien Law Firm for the continued work you are doing on behalf of our father.

We were extremely grateful to receive the most recent settlement checks, especially in light of the economic downturn we have been experiencing. The settlement checks provide needed financial security for our family.

Thank you for your continued efforts in our father’s case. As you well know, no amount of money could replace our loss and sorrow in losing our dad and husband to mesothelioma, but we know he believed in the work your law firm was and is continuing to do on his behalf.

Sandra Williams, daughter of Karl Schaefer, mesothelioma victim

In 1997, my husband Norman was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a fatal cancer developed from his exposure to asbestos. Norman had worked during the early 1950s with asbestos. We were stunned upon receiving the diagnosis. Norman remembered that a few years earlier the Union at his job requested that all employees get a chest x-ray looking for any sign of asbestos problems. At that time his x-ray was clear. The Union listed Andrew O’Brien’s name as a contact person in case anything developed, with Norman, on any future x-rays.

Four years later, his cancer made its horrible appearance. We were in a panic, devastated, confused, and scared. We did not know where to turn. There was no information at that time on mesothelioma. And we did not have our computer. Norman thought of the letter from the Union, and we agreed to call Andrew. Andrew immediately took our telephone call. His voice was filled with compassion and genuine caring, and we made an appointment for the very next morning. Speed was so important because we had to get SOME information on what this diagnosis meant to Norman and to our life together.

Andrew spent several hours explaining the disease process and Norman’s real chances of surviving it. He never rushed us but answered each question HONESTLY and as best he could. He informed us of all the options available for Norman and told us of the number of survivors of mesothelioma that he was aware of. He quickly put us on the right path for the best treatment available to Norman. He worked closely with us and never once lost his compassion or genuine attitude of caring. When our adult children were scared and full of questions, he willingly came to the house and spent as much time as necessary with them to ease their concerns and explain what lay ahead for all of us. He was always available for any phone call or question and never once did we feel that we were just another “client”.

Andrew always treated us as friends. He did not fill us with false hopes but always spoke to us both directly and in a straightforward manner. My Norman did not survive this terrible cancer, but I know that some of his tissue samples or biopsies will help the doctors find a cure. Andrew and his law firm have fought diligently and relentlessly representing our family over the last few years, and I have the utmost confidence in them. I believe Andrew O’Brien is the very best lawyer in Missouri to obtain a settlement in any asbestos case and that the O’Brien Law Firm is tough and first rate.

Joyce Zesch, wife of Norman Zesch, mesothelioma victim

I recommend the O’Brien Law Firm for two reasons. One is the staff – they are very attuned to the mesothelioma patients and what they are going through and how they can help them. The second thing is that I am amazed at their skill in putting together lawsuits that allow the mesothelioma patient to receive a financial recovery. It amazes me as to what they have been able to do. It was more than I would ever have expected. Their support in getting me ready for my deposition and preventing me from panicking – they have really been helpful. I am impressed with what they are able to do. I would highly recommend them because of the staff, because of their knowledge and their skill at prosecuting the lawsuits.

The most significant financial impact that I have had is working with the O’Brien Law Firm. That has been a significantly positive financial impact.

I am very comfortable with the staff here. I am impressed with their proficiency and their professionalism. Their knowledge of mesothelioma physicians has really helped me. Their assistance in getting me to my doctor was a godsend.

Paul Czysz, mesothelioma patient

Please accept my deepest appreciation for the manner in which you handled my case. I was very anxious before the trial since I had never been inside a courtroom; however, you made me feel as comfortable as possible and for that I am grateful.

My daughter, Tonya, and I were impressed with the research that you did for the case and the manner in which it was arranged and presented. As naïve as we were about the process, it was easily noted that you were professional and at the top of your game.

I have the greatest respect for your work as an attorney. However, the purpose of this letter is to make you aware of the respect that I have for you as a person.

Unfortunately, it has been my experience in the last few years that those persons who had pledged to help my family and me ultimately had motivations that were self-serving. Fortunately, you have renewed my faith and have raised the bar on the standards that I now expect from people in a like position. You possess the highest character and integrity, and I suspect that, like me, most people leave you hoping to become better human beings.

I cannot adequately express what my experience with you has meant to my family. You have changed our lives and for that we can’t thank you enough. I also would like to extend my thanks to your family without whose sacrifices I am sure none of this could have been possible.

I wish you all good health and happiness. May God continue to bless you.

Marlene Morton, wife of Kenneth Morton, mesothelioma victim

I was introduced to the O’Brien Law Firm through my work, through my union. They were handling several cases similar to mine. They made me aware that there were other people that had this same sort of case and that we could pursue this in the courts and get a decision.

One of the main reasons I would recommend the O’Brien Law Firm is because of their experience in this field and the treatment I received in my case.

The bills were overwhelming, and if it weren’t for getting a decision in the courts, they would have been even more overwhelming.

I would like to thank the people at the O’Brien Law Firm. They made me feel human. It wasn’t just a case. From day one the people that came to interview us were friendly, concerned, very people-oriented, and it was never just a cold matter of cash. It was like being a friend.

Charles Benoist, husband of Mary Benoist, mesothelioma victim

They give me hope. The O’Brien Law Firm has been very supportive of this illness. We appreciate that. They are doing all that they can to help the situation. I would like to get the word out that mesothelioma is something very serious. They haven’t found a cure for it, and they have to find a cure for it. The oncology department has been just wonderful and so has the O’Brien Law Firm.

I would recommend the O’Brien Law Firm because they do give you hope. They stay right on top of it. They don’t leave anything to chance. They don’t give you the run around. They sit right down with you. They discuss what is happening – what they can do for you, what they can do for your family. I appreciate that.

The O’Brien Law Firm is giving me justice. They are helping to find out what causes this disease, what we can do about it, and hopefully, it will help the next person down the line.

Jane Kendzora, mesothelioma patient

The O’Brien Law Firm has just been absolutely wonderful to myself, my mother, and my family. In terms of support, emotionally, financially, they just have been spectacular. They have been wonderful. To be truthful, at the time of my father’s death, I never even thought about consulting with an attorney. It wasn’t really for me. My wife just told me to call them so I did. Twenty-four hours later, Mr. O’Brien called me, and he came by my house personally. We sat down and discussed the situation. I am quite pleased with him.

My mother will definitely have a better future, especially financially, due to the help of the O’Brien Law Firm.

It provides financial security for her as long as she lives. As long as she lives there is going to be financial obligations or financial responsibility. I am not in a position to handle all of this myself financially, so again, I trust the O’Brien Law Firm to assist me in making sure that my mother has financial security throughout her lifetime.

In reference to the O’Brien Law Firm, I am personally overwhelmingly satisfied with the way they are handling the case, their professionalism, their conduct – they are doing an extremely outstanding job. I guess the best way I can describe the O’Brien Law Firm is that they do not leave any stones unturned.

Ronnie Ward, son of John Stevens, mesothelioma victim