Johnson & Johnson (J&J), a household name worldwide, has steadfastly denied for years that its famous baby powder product line was tainted by asbestos-contaminated talc.

It’s now being widely reported that the corporate giant has reached a $700 million settlement with over 40 states. This settlement stems from investigations into whether J&J knowingly misled the public about the safety of its products.

Asbestos (a well-known and deadly carcinogen) and talc are naturally occurring minerals that form closely to one another in the earth. Talc is mined and put into certain cosmetic and personal health products, like baby powder. Exposure to the asbestos-contaminated talc in these products can cause mesothelioma and ovarian cancer in end users.

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J&J’s $4.7 Billion Verdict

J&J began selling baby powder in 1894. Despite numerous lawsuits claiming that their baby powder caused mesothelioma and ovarian cancer, the company never admitted that the talc used in its popular product line contained the deadly mineral asbestos.

In 2018, a groundbreaking investigation by the highly respected news agency Reuters brought forth damaging evidence against J&J. The report was published shortly after a $4.7 billion verdict was reached in St. Louis on behalf of 22 women who developed ovarian cancer following the use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

J&J Removed Talc-Based Products

In 2020, despite countless public denials, J&J removed all talc-based baby powder products from shelves in the United States. They were replaced with cornstarch-based alternatives that have been around for decades. This move followed the discovery of traces of asbestos in its baby powder through a test conducted by the FDA in 2019.

J&J Filed for Bankruptcy

The recent settlement does not affect the ongoing personal injury and wrongful death cases brought against J&J by consumers suffering from mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson filed for bankruptcy twice in an attempt to evade these liabilities, but these efforts were unsuccessful. A third attempt is currently in progress.

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